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Driveway and Concrete Power Washing Services Mason, OH

Are you tired of coming home to a dirty driveway? Mason is full of concrete driveways and many are covered in mold, algae, and mud. This can even become a walking hazard after a hard rainstorm. Pressure Washing PROS will deep clean your driveway to a like new condition. Overall, driveway cleaning is inexpensive and really adds to curb appeal. It should done annually by homeowners as a property maintenance task every few years or as needed. The difference in a clean versus dirty driveway is astonishing.

Pressure Washing PROS is the best local power washing company to call for all your home’s exterior cleaning needs, and our exclusive soft wash services are the right choice for driveways, walkways, and patio pavers.

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Why Soft Pressure Washing Concrete is Best

Soft washing systems begin with a specialty solvent that is designed to gently but effectively eat away at caked-on dirt, motor oil, and other tough stains. Once these solvents have time to work, they are then washed away with gentle water pressure, much lower than common processes used for power washing concrete.

The low water pressure used with driveway soft power washing also avoids washing away chipped paint, loosened aggregate, or damaged areas of concrete or asphalt. Low water pressure is also less likely to crack soft or brittle patio pavers, and this low pressure won’t harm or damage landscaping borders around driveways and walkways.

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Before and After Driveway Cleaning

Why You Need Driveway Power Washing in Mason

A regular driveway cleaning will remove motor oil and other fluids from the surface of concrete and asphalt driveways. These fluids and similar materials are highly corrosive to concrete, asphalt, and patio stones. If left unwashed, automotive fluids will eat away at a driveway’s surface, causing chips, cracks, spalling, and even potholes!

Silt, grit, and sand can also settle onto driveways of a xfield_main-location] home. If you don’t have this debris regularly removed by a professional pressure washer, it will get ground into the surface of concrete and asphalt every time you use your driveway. Pressure washing a concrete patio, driveway, and other such surfaces will remove unwanted residue and keep these surfaces safe from damage.

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